Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The A to Zinc of Hair Loss

Zinc is a trace element that many important roles in the human body. All these roles are essential for the growth of thick, healthy hair. Zinc helps the body cells to reproduce, absorb vitamins (yes, even those all important vitamins for hair loss), and hormones control the synthesis of proteins.

While these are obviously important one of the important ways zinc helps the body by controlling hormones, especially testosterone. Keeping your eye on your testosterone zinc does its part not only stick to your precious hair, but also help you grow!

So now we know that zinc is important to stop hair loss is normal the next question is how do we get enough zinc in our body? The most obvious choice is through our food. Foods rich in zinc include: shellfish, wheat germ, calf's liver, squash seeds and peanuts. Unfortunately there are a few problems when it comes to getting your zinc from food. The main problem is that the body is only a small amount of zinc present in our food absorbs between 25-30% in fact. The other is that what you consume foods that affects the amount of zinc absorbed. Both calcium and fiber to prevent the body to absorb zinc completely. Calcium competes with zinc for consumption, while zinc and fiber bundle, so your hard earned zinc is in the toilet.

With normal use of zinc by eating food that is hit and miss at best, will get through zinc supplementation seems the obvious choice. While most zinc supplements are not primarily seen as a thinning hair product they help to support normal growth and hair loss. Another option to ensure that your body and hair of all the zinc they need is taking a hair supplement that contains not only zinc but also other vitamins for hair loss, such as B6 and biotin. This should not be difficult if all of the best hair loss treatment products contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that give you wonderful, sexy hair.

Keep in mind that the recommended daily amount of zinc is around 15 mg per day and beyond this can adversely affect not only your hair but also your body in general.

Remember that really healthy hair can only be achieved if you have a healthy body. But thick hair comes from a healthy clean scalp so consider a hair growth system qith cleaning elements such as Nioxin.;u=3362