Monday, July 25, 2011

Review of Common Lead Testing Kits in the Market

Lead test kits are useful products to take home. For the sake of our children's health and wellness, we need to check if the surfaces in contact with at home are free of contaminants of lead. After all, exposure to lead is very dangerous for young children.

There are many lead test kits on the market, but what product to choose? Here is an overview of some of the most common test kits that can be found on the market today.

Homax Lead Check

Homax Lead Check is one of the test kits on the market today that it has received favorable reviews from several agencies control consumer products in the United States. This product comes in a package of two swabs that are chemically treated to react with the lead coming into contact with any surface.

The presence of lead in an area indicated by the pink cotton inflection. High lead levels are shown as dark pink or red. Although not indicated on the package if the cotton turns brown, the surface containing barium instead of lead and tin, if it turns purple.

Homax Lead Check is easy to use. If contamination occurs, the color will change in two minutes if the level is high, and two hours if it is low.

Abotex lead inspector

Abotex Chief Inspector is one of the most versatile test kits you can buy today. Comes in a package of eight swabs can be used to detect the presence of lead on most surfaces.

Some watchdogs of products customers say that the inspector Abotex Lead is more definitive when it comes to testing for lead on surfaces. The reaction of pink or red on a cotton swab, and working with Homax Lead Check, can be confusing and can give a false positive result. Furthermore, the swabs in test kits produced by the lead inspector Abotex yellow, brown or black if lead is detected.

However, the test equipment can produce strong fumes Abotex when activated. Windows should be opened and gloves should be worn when using this product.

First Alert Home Test Kit

The first kit Probe alert works the same way as test kits and Abotex offered by Homax. The product comes in packs containing swabs that are rubbed against the surface to be tested.

The product is theoretically easy to use. After all, what's so hard to rub a swab from a surface? The thing with the Test Kit First Alert is that the test should be repeated to produce a more or less reliable.

These are just three of the many test kits on the market today. Get a test kit is the first step to ensuring that their children are safe from lead exposure in the home.