Thursday, June 2, 2011

Five Leadership Qualities That Will Make You Stand Out

The most effective managers posses leadership qualities that make them stand out from general managers do? You might think that it's hard to stand out given all the distractions of the day. However, easily distinguish yourself from the norm just to be extravagant ways. What is the norm today? Stress, anxiety, about how busy you are feeling overworked, complaining, put too much on their plate, others degrade, impatience and overindulgence are signs of our time. As a leader, if you stand out just one of these five themes to try and want to make it part of your life. You will be noticed. In fact, you will be seen as extraordinary.

Five leadership qualities that will make you stand out:

Keep your Word

Lead by example by keeping your word. If you do what you say to you, you will build trust with your employees are going to. Today's fast-paced world offers many excuses for us, "I, including e-mail did not drop the ball, it went into my junk file, I just was lifted and turned away from me while keeping his word . requires you to leave so many promises you can not satisfy, is doing a good job of scheduling, setting appropriate boundaries and padding your calendar so you always taken a bit are not making.

Master your point about time

You do not have much time talking about how much time you spend? You are right when you talk about the lack of time for you to say "no" inability or her inability to make a choice. Stop talking about how busy you are and instead, just "no" or say things you really do not want reps you can do. This approval is required to give to your needs, will (say yes to every request left) and either take action or accept what is, but the payoff that you're happy and have more energy and have more time to really matters.

Be present

The most important leadership qualities with his staff to attend. If you really have to attend with their employees while they call you or with them over time can be, your workplace relationships and employee engagement will increase automatically. The new habit you to slow down, take a breath and need to provide some eye contact .. And email or your phone when you are with an employee is not checked. Trust me you stand out if you have the discipline to do these things.

Keep a positive behavior

People either think or you suspect they will be a bit crazy, but you can certainly get some attention if you walk around with a happy smile. This leadership quality to maintain a positive behavior requires you to notice their body language, a bit more patient and all those negative thoughts that appear as a stressful or angry frown face to be worked on. The advantage of maintaining a positive behavior that you believe a safe workplace environment that contributed to create.

Acknowledge the leadership qualities in others

It is easy to notice where your employees fall short, but great teamwork you accept? You force others to accept the leadership? What about customer service? What you notice and others who do their job with excellence to accept? Your credit card transactions to handle it at the other end of the phone representative, your mail carrier, your waitress, your staff, your own boss, or counter movie ticket taker, accept the friendship, get in the habit of efficiency, innovativeness , caution and other character attributes and skills of others. It leave you thinking about yourself and your problems, and what is working will need to turn your attention. There is a small improvement in workplace relationships and employee engagement is not something acknowledgment.

I challenge you for leadership qualities to take over and think about what is required to master a new habit. How to improve your self-image and my new discipline helps you stand out as someone committed to excellence and take care of.