Thursday, July 21, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt Screen Protector Installation

One of the best accessories for HTC Thunderbolt is a cover of the screen. Now, for those unfamiliar with the screen cover, these accessories are ultra-thin pieces of film to help protect your phone from scratches and such. The screen saver can also protect other potential mishaps, like accidentally dropping and such. With the phone together, the display cover to keep your beam breaks a lot of pieces. Because of this, one that is almost as important an accessory for your device as a charger.

Now, if you're interested in buying a screen saver, to know that there are several types to choose from: the resistance reflex mirrors, privacy enhancement, or just regular classes. The cheapest of the protective cover clear display is a thin, transparent film, usually sold in packages of three. The privacy screen protector to keep your screen is visible from anywhere except directly in front of the device. Although it will not reduce its visibility in all, can have their private work from the prying eyes of his friends and rivals. Reflected screens provide the user with a mirror when the phone is off. Anti-glare screens provide excellent protection against the sun. Although each of these comes with a price tag and a level of quality that are installed more or less the same.

Before doing anything, but just be sure to read instructions. Move the device to a room that is free from dust and dirt, so you can install. Also clean the screen. Just make sure that nothing stands between the screensaver and the phone, and it will end up with that piece of land forever.

It is essential to have the mobile device on to the shield can successfully match. Then remove the cap from the current screen and slowly peel it. Then place it on the screen of his Ray. Then slowly remove all the cards connected to the screen saver. After all that pressure and apply the adhesive, so it will hold the phone and keep it protected. Slowly pull the rest of the pod still fix the rest of the screen saver to the other half of your device.

Just make sure to clean all dust from the device as you decide to put the screen saver. Take the remaining sheet and carefully peel the pod down without touching the pod.;u=15883