Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Wonderful Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Alice in Wonderland is another of those incredible stories that has really brought a new generation of children by Tim Burton's recent films. An Alice costume dress is a great gift for girls and women alike, and is something you can share with your daughter.

Not to mention all the other amazing Alice in Wonderland costumes to choose from. If you dress like any of these timeless characters really can be in any costume party as one of the most recognized there. And it is very likely that your evening will have a magical mood. Here are some great ideas you may want to try:

1. Alice Child Costume
The picture of innocence and beauty, and the suit of Alice is a wonderful child, allowing your child to escape into a fantasy world and imagine that going down the rabbit hole.

Alice Any good costume for a child must have the blue dress with white ruffled front and shoulders. With white socks and black shoes bit. And of course the finale - a black headband.

2. Alice Adult Costume
Alice costume adult costumes can have a little more to it, you can play with the traditional image of Alice and make it a very sexy please. And there are many sexy costumes of Alice there to choose from. The most important thing is that Alice is recognizable, with blue and white color scheme.

But of course, the rest is flexible. You may have a short skirt, lace or sexy white stockings, or even leagues. Black high heels. And, of course, a little black tie to complete the picture.

3. Queen of Hearts Costume
The real star of the new Tim Burton film Alice in was for many the queen of hearts, who wore a magnificent extravaganza incredible.

As with Alice's costume you can use is awesome and majestic, or small and sexy. Red and white hearts everywhere, and of course lots of black lace to boot. Black stockings with red ribbons colored legs are very popular and a black hat of the queen, to boot.

An important part of the character is really enjoying - the idea of ​​Alice in Wonderland is a complete escape to a magical world where none of the normal rules apply. It can not become an Alice walking around with a serious expression on his face!