Thursday, July 7, 2011

Benefits of Moving To Vancouver Island

Many people across Canada dream of selling their home and move to Vancouver Island. One reason for this is because it is not just an awesome place to live, dynamic and beautiful cities and communities, but also a wild desert full of adventure and outdoor fun waiting to be discovered.

Own property and live on the island can have many benefits. Not only has the best climate in Canada, which also have access to the rocky coastline, beautiful lakes, mountains and forests. Living on Vancouver Island can provide a smorgasbord of activities for adventurous when it comes to enjoying themselves, and this is a big part of the attraction of the island. The wide range of outdoor activities also encourages many to choose the island as their home. Here are some of the most exciting adventures you would have the opportunity to enjoy when you live on the island:

Bungee Jumping

For adrenaline junkies the way, jumping off a bridge into a huge cannon is all in fun than a day. Vancouver Island offers the opportunity to take this extreme sport to a new level with the stunning scenery of the island has to offer. Adventure Parks are also included zip-wire, aerial adventure courses and changes of giants among the trees.


With the waters of British Columbia was rated by Jacques Cousteau as one of the best in the world, diving enthusiasts will find plenty to do in the waters of the island. Depending on the skill and confidence of the diver's all available, from snorkeling in the calm sea, diving to a warship sunk for diving interesting toughest waters of the Pacific.

Whale Watching

Vancouver Island is famous for its whale watching adventures. Since mid-May the waters of the island offers the opportunity to see orcas, Pacific gray whales and humpback whales. Whale watching is truly one of the most incredible ways to spend a day, and one of the biggest thrills on the island.