Friday, June 24, 2011

Easy, Breezy Summer Dressing Tips

I do not know about you, but in New England, which went from winter to summer overnight. One day was 49 degrees and rainy and the next was 85, sunny and humid. I hate when that happens. There is a whole section of my closet waiting to be used!

Of course, wait 5 minutes and everything can change again. I keep hoping we'll have a look in the spring sometime next month before going to the real truth of summer. However, that's the beauty of New England ... you never know.

When the weather changes so drastically one of two things:

* You are so excited that the warm weather has finally come to throw caution to the wind and throw the clothes with abandon.
* You were freezing one minute and now that is hot and stares miserably and helplessly in her closet trying to find ways to adapt.

Therefore, we reverse. While the first scenario could be more fun than the latter (at least in the short term), it is likely that after a while you think ... Yikes ... I feel cooler, but I'm not sure this is the best look for me. Sometimes this leads to a session of fun shopping and sometimes leads to the second hypothesis above!

Before you get stuck ...

Let me share with you some tips to dress well, comfortably, and authenticity of the season (and for those of you who are experiencing winter at this time, except this, and will be very useful in a few months):

* Be prepared. While around the middle of February we will never come spring, it always does. And we often seem to be caught by surprise. Several reasons are being prepared makes a difference.
o You have more options. I agree that the plan for retail purchases is nutty (it's hard to think about buying tank tops when the outside temperature is around zero, but you must). If you wait until the weather warms up and you realize you need things may be too late. Yes, the shops are getting in the way of sale and is only June!

o keep your sanity. If you've ever tried to assemble a wardrobe season, when we are in the middle of the season, we know that yes, maybe lucky and get everything you want (even on sale). But more often what happens is that at the time of purchase there is little left to buy ... at least the size (or so it seems). To find a big skirt, but no more than to go with it or if you have a great pair of capris, but all good shoes your size is gone. Suffer not only his sanity, but do not waste time agonizing inside on how to build a closet when you could be out enjoying the warm weather.

o Is your fickle weather? In New England (and perhaps elsewhere as well) should be prepared for the possibility that it is a cool summer or a brutally hot (like last year). At the time of knowing for sure what the weather will be the fall clothes in stores so be prepared in any way or you'll be out of luck at the end of July whether he has thought wrong!

* Dress to Express. I remember my article on the solution not only for "good enough?" This is a time when I see a lot of that going. Know who you are and how to reflect your personality in your wardrobe any time of year is super important . It is the missing link for many women. Yes, summer throws wrenches as sandals, capris and lightweight fabrics (aka, less forgiving), but that means it's even more important to stay true to yourself. Please, never settle for just good enough! There is always a better option (or you leave it on the shelf). Listen to your inner guidance signals that really speaks.

* Understand your needs. Is it always hot ... cold? You can walk a lot so you need super comfortable sandals? Do you have to crawl on the floor (with children, as a specialist or guru of the organization), or runs out of board meetings and has high power lunches? What about free time, holidays and events summer dress? When you are in costume, be sure to ask, "When will I use this?" and "How do I complete this team?" The last thing I want to do is get home and realize you bought some fun stuff, but still has many loose ends closet!

* Have a backup plan. If your favorite designer has gone mad and displays everything in chartreuse or cover only long-sleeved shirt with shorts weak, you want to be sure you know where to go next. After shopping for 2, 3 or 4 in which like shopping can make a frustrating shopping trip more productive and fun. You just go out and go to another store.

* A love story with bedding. One of the first questions I ask clients at this time of year is ... Like the bedding or hate it. Nobody is neutral on this! If you like big, but you may want other options for those days when clothes are not feeling well (not in the mood for wrinkled) or just want a change. This season has been very good at it.

There are lots of jackets and sweaters with loose tissue enough to allow you to remain calm, but still feel covered, drawn, together, or professional (or whatever your reason to use another layer).

Or, a short sleeved jacket can be a good alternative (be careful, however, this may get sloppy in a heartbeat).

I'm sharing this now because there is still time to create a fabulous wardrobe for summer. Hey, it's a good season does not have to be all inclusive and even carry snowshoes. You want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the experience and not afraid to dress every day. Take a few minutes to plan your wardrobe now and then you can relax and enjoy the rest of the season with a delicious drop!