Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Care For Pet Birds

If you are the proud owner of a pet bird you know how nicely fit into the family. If you have kids, you probably love the birds, and take all measures possible to play with friends. But pet birds should not be treated roughly, but it requires attention, care and love for the whole family, and the more you learn these wonderful animals, the better to enjoy them.

Before selecting a pet bird shop or breeder, for sure you understand what is expected of the bird you have selected. If space is at a home, you should think twice about buying a large parrot, for example.

Another factor to your needs in regards to the time we invest in a bird. Cockatiels for example, a very good companion of man, and do not go well, it was left alone for long attack time. They love the interaction and is ideal for those who like the idea of ​​a bird sitting on his shoulder all day. If space is really matter, choose a smaller bird, like a finch or parakeet instead.

For those who like big birds, make sure you have enough space for the new family member. Get a cage that is large enough that the bird plenty of room to play. The last thing you wan the birds become depressed and lonely, because nobody plays it.

Pet birds like to be removed from the cage, especially if they are hand raised, which is another important point to consider. Always choose a hand raised birds for more than one is not. You will grow a lot closer to them and they are easy to handle with your hand, and it's more fun.

We also need to learn how to handle the bird should be. Resist to grab the bird just like that. They deserve respect and even love, and stroked it Petten, are not always ready. They also love the space and time out - people like us.

Soon they learn that the daily rhythm of birds, and set to be.

One of the most important aspects of the food supply of birds. Learn about foods that are safe and those who do not - that could save the lives of birds. Some food is toxic, so for most houseplants.
It always helps to talk to an experienced pet bird owners learn what is appropriate for them.

If you want to train your bird, I suggest you be teaching tools to train the bird. Some birds do not take lightly, that trained and pay attention to you. If the bird bites, or rather scream a lot, perhaps horribly neglected or abused in the past. It is possible to work with these birds, a lot of love and patience on your behalf.

There is a wide range of training tools available in the pet bird market in those days. Choose from training videos, books, books, and learn about bird behavior.

You do not need a degree of care for your pet bird in a humane and loving manner. Just a little patience and time.;u=57025;u=3982;u=47094;u=3989;u=4665