Monday, June 20, 2011

The Rising Frequency of Drug Tests

It was practically unheard of for anyone my age to be using drugs when I was in high school about twenty years ago. Drugs were way too controversial for my generation, even though we did have parties and the majority of us were guilty of underage drinking. Drugs weren't completely unheard of in our small town because it was right outside of Philadelphia. We just had better things to do than take drugs during those years.

However, the same high school that I went to now has a substantial drug problem. A lot of kids in my hometown have been caught dealing drugs or in possession of illegal drugs. In fact, parents are starting to give their kids drug tests at home in order to keep things under control.

I really have no clue why a sudden interest in this activity appeared in my area. Since crystal methamphetamine became more popular and more affordable than other drugs, quite a stir has been caused in the small towns all over the country.

Employers across the nation are also starting to require their applicants to take drug tests. In fact, the wonderful job offer I received several years ago was contingent on whether or not I passed my drug test. Of course, I had no problem passing the drug tests, but my new company was very strict. They are still testing new hires for drug abuse after four years of implementing the anti-drug use program.

A lot of people are arguing that employers should not care about what someone does on their own time. They feel that there is no need for drug tests if they aren't engaging in any illegal activities while at work. I admit that they have a valid argument but I am still uncomfortable with hiring people who have evidence of drug usage in their systems.

In my opinion, certain positions should require drug tests. It's a fact that many companies do random and frequent tests because their employees work with the public. Police officers, doctors, nurses, pilots, and many others who have important positions in society should be given random drug tests. This is because we trust them with our lives.

However, I'm a bit worried about the existence of ways to "pass" drug tests. There are certain products that can cleanse your system quickly and guarantee that you will pass any tests within a certain time period. I suppose that means that there are quite a few people walking around with jobs that they should never have received.;u=4183;u=14706;u=47855