Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How To Super Cool A Warm Can

Have you ever wanted a soda or a cold beer, but forgot to put some in the fridge to cool? Times like these can be frustrating because a drink is not just to quench your thirst when hot. There is a way, however, to accelerate the cooling process. With simple household items, you can take a room temperature can of soda or beer and cool the fresh, throat-burning temperature in less than 2 minutes!

A popular method to test whether a can and its contents are chilled to perfection is to move your finger along the side of the can and see if the mark on creating condensation disappears. Incredibly, it is entirely possible to achieve this level of cold in minutes! It is best that you can do this with stuff you already have around the house - water, salt, and a large bowl. Gather the materials, a hot case of cola or beer, and prepare to be surprised.

The first step to a super-cooling can heat the can is placed at the bottom of large bowl. If using a container big enough, you can use the cans at a time. Just be careful not to saturate the cans as they do not allow water to reach all parts of the can and the process will take longer. Cover the can with ice and sprinkle a generous amount of salt in the top of the ice. The salt will begin to melt the ice, but not because the water is heating. The salt melts the ice at its freezing temperature increase, which makes the water as cold as ice. Pour enough cold water on the ice to cover the can. After 2 minutes, remove the can of water / ice / salt and quickly rinse with cold water to remove salt water. Open can and enjoy your drink cold!

If the container is kept in a cool place such as the refrigerator, which can be reused many times. This same method works to keep the cans in a refrigerator at a temperature much lower. Combine water, salt and ice, especially in the cooler surrounded himself under the freezing water and maintain this temperature for hours. If you are the cooling rate of a can or a whole box of them, salt, ice and water are key elements for cooling a warm quickly as possible!;u=44516;u=302057